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Posted on 12-05-2011

Hi all! I want to start off by saying I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season!

I do notice that every year after Thanksgiving my office begins to become flooded with sick patients. A coincidence? Absolutely not! If we think about the time of year when we get sick the most, the holidays, there is a couple of key pieces of health that go along with this.  Number one our diets are changing dramatically! Instead of giving thanks to our bodies by eating whole natural organic foods, we flood them with way too much sugar and processed foods. Number two; this is the time of year when we are most stressed! So poor diet and increased stress is a recipe for a wonderful bacteria holiday party:)

 If you are a patient of mine you know the first thing I say to do at the onset of symptoms is cut out all sugar.  Sugar is what feeds the infection and creates a wonderful environment for the "bugs" to multiply! This doesn't simply mean cut out gum or desserts, but also sugary cereals, soda, juices, and anything artificial.  I even tell them to limit their carbohydrate load, because as you may know, those become sugar as well. Many people also drink a ton of orange juice to get their "vitamin C." While vitamin C has been shown to boost the immune system, drinking juice is like getting all the sugar with no fiber. When trying to get the vitamins and anti-oxidants from fruit, it is best when you're sick to just eat the fruit.  Another sugar monster comes in the form of cough drops! Although, they may seem to soothe your throat, they are usually loaded with sugar again fueling the infection.  I suggest getting organic zinc lozenges, which is a mineral known the boost the immune system. The last thing I recommend is make sure you are taking your multi-vitamins and getting enough vitamin D. Those are great immune boosters if you are getting quality ones, which are not sold at Wal- Mart, Wal-Greens, or GNC!

Lastly, make sure to try to keep your stress to a minimum. Maybe a great present to ask for is just a day of relaxation with no children or a massage at the spa. Also, don't over schedule yourself. Make sure you are taking time to enjoy the season, without running from party to party!

So remember the best prevention for illness is limit sugar, relax, and don't miss your Chiropractic adjustment this month! Happy Holidays All:)


Andry said:

Finding this site made all the work I did to find it look like nothing. The raseon being that this is such an informative post. I wanted to thank you for this detailed analysis of the subject. I definitely savored every little bit of it and I submitted your site to some of the biggest social networks so others can find your blog.

2012-06-15 07:42:21

Kazuaki said:

The biggest reosan I hear for not getting kids adjusted is the parents don’t think their kids need it. After all, they aren’t in pain. But pain is a horrible symptom to rely on as an indicator to how your child doing. Take the extreme example of cancer (in adults) most of the time pain is the last thing to show up.

2012-06-15 19:50:37

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