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Posted on 11-12-2012

Hello All!!

As many of you know it has been an incredibly busy yet fabulous year for me!  As promised I am beginning to write wellness blogs again:)

Many patients ask me why it is important if they are chiropractic patients to also recieve nutritional counseling. On the other hand, I have many nutritional patients that ask the same question about chiropractic care. So here's my answer:

1.The number one thing to remember is the somato-visceral and visceral- somatic reflex. Did I lose you yet?

Let me start by explaining how chiropractic works. Chiropractors for years have been labeled back pain docs. While it is true that chiropractic can very successfully  ease and eliminate your aches and pains, it was originally developed as a wellness procedure. This is mostly due to the fact that although we are moving bones with our adjustments, we are affecting the nervous system. When most think of nerves they are thinking pain, ecspecially if you have ever had a pinched nerve! The truth is that only a small percentage of nerves percieve pain, and the rest are doing things such as reading this screen. So if you can imagine your nervous system as being the boss of every single reaction going on in your body it instantanously becomes VERY IMPORTANT!! We call the misalignments that affect your nervous system subluxations.

Are you still with me??? I hope so!

So let me explain this SV and VS reflex I mentioned above. For the somato-visceral (SV) this means that if you have dysfunction in your muscles, joints, ligaments it can affect your organs.  The viseral-somatic (VS) means the exact opposite! If you have recurrent stress on organs such as your digestive tract or heart it will cause recurrent misalignments (subluxations) in your back. Put very simply organ stress can cause back problems and vice versa!!

2. So as a chiropractic physician who also practices nutritional therapy I find it very important to treat problems from the outside in as well as the inside out. Additionally, I feel the need to share with all what I have done to achieve wellness. Not only do I eat healthy, but I also excercise and get weekly to monthly chiropractic adjustments. At no point in my life do I plan on stopping any of those three things, as I feel each one holds an important role to wellness.

Hopefully this blog answers the question why do I need to continue chiropractic care even though I'm feeling better!

It is great to be back all!! With a wedding, new house, and a little blessing on the way it  has been one miraculous year and we feel so blessed:) Stay Well!

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